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Violet Oakley - Father Writing sketch - deTarnow Pen

In 1895, my husband's great aunt Violet created this sketch of her father. In this scene, he is pictured with pen in hand working away at his desk. With a few simple strokes, Violet captured a timeless moment. Now, three generations later, we have adopted this symbol for our company. At deTarnow Pen, we believe that craft is a lifelong pursuit, that the tools of the craftsman are of vital importance and that excellence is crafted one pen stroke at a time.  When you hold our pens and work with them we hope they inspire you to create beautiful things.  We are proud to bring this collection to you.

We're building our lives around crafting beautiful items that make you feel joyful for having them in your lives.

Artisan pen holders for fine writing / calligraphy that are individually crafted to delight the writer. 

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